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The Pennsylvania Economic Association (PEA) was known until 1986 as the Pennsylvania Conference of Economists. The PEA is a professional association of economists and allied social scientists in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. Its annual meeting, in a relaxed campus atmosphere, takes place in the late spring (usually at the end of May or the first week of June). Approximately 70 papers are presented and discussed at our annual conference. The conferences have attracted economists not only from Pennsylvania and the surrounding states of Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia, but also from other countries including Japan, Austria, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, India, France, and Taiwan. Noted economists from business, government, academia, and the Federal Reserve System address the luncheon and dinner sessions of the meeting.

There are two publications of the PEA. The Papers and Proceedings contains the presentations and discussions of the annual meeting. The Pennsylvania Economic Review (discussed elsewhere in this home page) is a refereed journal focused on, but not limited to, economic issues of the state of Pennsylvania.

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